Mes coups de coeur sont tout à fait personnels, ils s'adressent aux meilleurs rapports utilité / prix
My blows of heart are completely personal, they are addressed to the best ratios utility / price
Logiciels gratuits
Freeware or public domain

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Logiciel Software
10 octobre 2003
3Smenu (), miriFiler (file explorer), EXWinKey (launcher), Quack Setting (keyboard remapper ), Abalone (board game)
3 septembre 2003
new website: Marco Rey y Sander , Handheld Underground , Enjoy , Zinsrechnung (loan calculator)
13 juillet 2003
j7xxmenu (menu ), Clinton Fitch reviews, PocketGo (Go game), HackLaunch (launcher)
28 juin 2003
Turn Off HPC, Outlook Cleaner HPC, Guess (mastermind), BatterySaver,
25 mai 2003
RPN Calculator & Converter, Maxor (encryption), GKinPocket (mini encyclopedia)
18 mai 2003
ResInfo (system ressource info), Remover (Uninstal utility, hpc), PC Counselor (website , J720 section), Triax (triangle Minesweeper like)
09 mai 2003
Upgrade 64MB for J720, PC Card Format Tool, Ulti-Calc (hydraulic calc)
12 avril 2003
NfPencil (drawing), Mobile Atelier (drawing)
01 mars 2003
3x HangGirl (word game), PocketMVP (multimedia player), TVE (arcade),
21 février 2003
SQLite (taskbar), Tweak2k2 (registry hack), revue TextMaker ,
14 février 2003
Levi's Color Lines (game), Warehouse Guy Sokoban (sokoban game), GnuBoy (GameBoy emulator), ExPanda (un/zip utility)
22 janvier 2003 ITaskMgr (CPU, task, process), ceFTP (ftp transfert ), Hitofude (text editor ), Tombo (encoding note taker), Kawara (NNTP news viewer), AiMa Countdown Timer, Petit Plot (Graph plotting ), CMRevue de Petit Plot,
08 janvier 2003 OOZP tips (link), MidNote (music editor), Mrtgcalc (mortgage loan calculator), jRadio (mp3 player + streaming radio), Snails (arcade ), Overclocking & Bluetooth by OOZP, CEHTTP (web server)
01 janvier 2003 Happy New Year - Bonne année à tous
14 décembre 2002
uBook Reader
10 décembre 2002
GSPlayer (mp3 player, v 1.66 ), Total Commander (file manager ), GSBatMon (battery monitor),
06 décembre 2002
Shape Shifter (puzzle game), Warm Reboot (soft reset), Samolet (airplane cabin), Cash Diary, Time4You (time spending), 4Hexillion ColorCombos (html color codes)
24 novembre 2002
ChessCortex (mind game), TIDE (sea level ), PoWing (paper airplane), MIDPlay (HRA's midi player )
23 novembre 2002
SystemPath Setting (Control panel applet), MRI Graphing Calculator (mathematical ), HP720 & 728 (website), Mobipocket Reader Pro (ebook), Orbix (game), NoPowerOff (auto-suspend limit), 24term (vt100 emulator), CedarFtp (ftp client )
16 novembre 2002
AClock (big clock), Petit Plot (mathematical plotter), RPN Calculator , Robot (arcade game), Splash (funny frame test), WMP-Button Server (use WMP buttons of J720 ), UltraG (image edit), Eudora Pro (Multi-function mail ), eGraph (chart)
15 novembre 2002
pdaGOLFPRO (golf instructor), PktPCare (key clinical information), NMEA monitor (GPS monitor), WESTTEK's viewers (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Image), WCceHPC (filer ), ftxBrowser (internet explorer), KMHPDiary , BIO (Biorhythm ), FM (file manager, zip ), Tillano Explorer (file manager), AiMa Money Change , AiMa Alarm Clock , AiMa Chromatic Tuner , AiMa JKoyomi (lunar phase ), AiMa Money Note , AiMa Day Memo (PIM display ), TinyStop (stopwatch & timer ), TinyRadix (number conversion )
10 novembre 2002
Durak & BurKoZel & Pentagon & ShiftLeft (card games), PE Info (executable files info), CEdit (C++ editor), ALL-explorer (file explorer), (new site link)
09 novembre 2002
RegEdit (E.Ito version), AP-Timer (timer launching), nScriptm (script), XacRett (unpack all formats), revue-aide Tile Force , musical BFSoft (PocketSynth Professionnal, PocketDrums, Strummer, DrummerBoy)
100 000 visitors for the first anniversary of J720 Software: thank you !
And 360 000 pages read.
01 novembre 2002
Forum list updated, CEwindows.NET Tools (killsync & resync), Tile Force (mind game), Storage Brick Driver, MoveAppt (Outlook add-on)
28 octobre 2002 Screen Capture Utility, Pocket DivX (v O.8f for non-US Jornada), BijiWriter (handwriting), SolPack Deluxe (card game), Pocket Mindmap (heuristic launcher)
14 octobre 2002
NetHack (dungeon game), Mini CrossWords, Pocket Plan (project plan),
26 septembre 2002
Wallpaper : Chris or Henri's collection, Space Manager (memory management), PCForm (programming tool), RubyReader (text browser ), Light Sabre IDE & Explorer (for Nokia GSM), TuBu (backup)
07 septembre 2002
mCalc (calculator), Python (programming language), Quack (Keyboard Remapper ), Linux, MapInPocket (map viewer), Finance CE, Travel Manager, TerraSync (GPS software), Japanization Proxy Server , EquLaser (mathematical children game)
31 août 2002
GSPlayer (mp3 player), MAMA (medical information), Remote Commander (PC remote control), Expense Force (expense tracking), AstroHTML (reference book)
26 août 2002
RDIAL (Dial-up tool), HPC Vault Deluxe (restore utility), STG Viewer (restore utility), DisplayOff, J7xx (excellent website)
21 août 2002
revue de Doom , Haali Reader (ebook reader), BibleReader, Memory-Map Pocket Navigator (GPS & map navigator), NetBSD (UNIX-like OS), TTconfig (GPS Track), PocketBible
14 août 2002
ABC Puzzle (tetris+sokoban+blocks+...), PTable (periodic table of elements), MobileSentinel (copy protection), JZ Paint (drawing), TourMate (translation), CatchMe (three-card trick), site of HUM MP3 Player is back, RiteMail (handwritten emails)
10 août 2002
HPC Doom (arcade), easySMS (communication), calc98 (multi-calculator and more), Ms.Pacman (arcade), SyncTalk (synchronization), Bolts & Nuts (mind game),
13 juillet 2002
DBAdministrator (database management), Summer holidays until August 12! (Vacances d'été jusqu'au 12 août !), MusicWiseCE (music family database)
29 juin 2002
PocketArtist v 2 (image), Love Calculator, Dialect (programming), FileManCE2 (file manager), TrackSat (satellite tracking), MyFamily (databases), T-Plus bridge, Whack Force (offline-browser), Pocket Scheme Editor (programming)
15 juin 2002
Galactic Realms (strategy game), Pocket Slide Show (PowerPoint slide), Please do not forget to visit The 720 user Club , revue de TrueSync pour Rex ,
2 juin 2002
TextMaker (word processor), World Cup 2002 (soccer in calendar), 128-bit SSL Add-on (SSL connection), GVPad (NotePad), PocketCommander (FTP and files manager)
25 mai 2002
SmartPass (VPN client), sshCE, TCSync (synchronization), revue d'HandyZip , mode emploi encodage DivX , Yame (game emulator),
10 mai 2002
SpaceMaker (memory cleanup), BYOBingo (word or number game), The Triangle Puzzle (mind game), Meeting Minutes Manager (productivity), cetach (CPU analyzer), Cuckoo's Call (alarm), FlyBall (baseball tracking), PockBlock (tetris light), dNote (note taker), TimeMarker (timer)
8 mai 2002
Route66 (mapping), PoGeo (Earth map),TFV (fax viewer), Golden Web Award 2002-2003,
4 mai 2002
Protection clavier (Keyboard skin), DivX 0.8d (Multimedia), Mimidi (Midi player), SJPhone (phone via internet), Citrix (Virtual workplace), IRCopy, UAE Debbugging Tool, MemInfo, LittleWays (carto-mapping), Thingo (Components for embedded), SpaceLeft (Memory), Hatman (Pacman like), BrickShooter (game), HP Pocket Camera
28 avril 2002
CanTris (Tetris like), bUseful Utilities, Jornada 728, FAQ (installation logiciels) , Programming Java, ScreenSnap (screenshot), LaunchKey,
20 avril 2002
Outs Sokoban Level Editor (game), Quick Lookup (language dictionary), G7toCE (data transfert GPS Garmin)
6 avril 2002
MagicSS (Screenshot), Pocket Word Count, PowerOff, Snails (Arcade game), GQ (image viewer), TxtReader (txt files reader)
23 mars 2002
Jewell (tetris), vxUtil (Internet Utilities), Bellaminettes (Link by cordial friendship)
17 mars 2002
My Last Cigarette
8 mars 2002
PoQuick Money (Personal finance manager)
5 mars 2002
WeightCalc, IR Messenger, Crisis Management Organizer, Spins (mind game), "P" (mind game)
3 mars 2002
ACDSee Mobile (image viewer), Gigabar, SpaceFinderPlus,
1er mars 2002
ACT² (characters tool), Pike (icon editor), Launch Pad, Hip Keys (hotkeys), Wave Drummer, Pocket Family Researcher (genealogy), Das Haus der Raetsel (adventures game), MailSorter (mail)
25 février 2002
PHM Registry Editor , Mineseeker (game)
20 février 2002
Lextionary (English dictionary)
16 février 2002
Windmill, Scorpion (cad game), KSE Observer , Fortitude (card game), Unicode Table Viewer, Keycapture, Pong,
14 février 2002
PictPocket, reViewMD, KingKanji, SQ, Multi Window Notepad, Sokoban (OUTS), Warefall, Associate, Run, KSE Cruel, KSE Backgammon, KSE Entertainment Pack
26 janvier 2002
DisArm, ASMArm, TalkEditor (+Flite), Console, GNU Plot, Maxima, MpegPlay, CEdiag, ShowPic, MadFront, TelNet BSD, ApacheCE, Tex/Latex, RCX Tools
25 janvier 2002
Nuance, Microsoft Portrait, Calc98, IrcCE, Pocket Finance
20 janvier 2002
MazeCraze, SockOut, Pocket ClipPrint, GSM Dialer, Commodore 64 Emulator, Virtual CE,
19 janvier 2002
HPC NetProfile, HandyValues, FIS WinCE Suite, Portfolio Manager, Connexion Wanadoo , Starlight Notepad, CoolViz,
18 janvier 2002
Frequency Tuner, PocketLanCe, Sokoban, mBoxMan, Autodesk OnSite View, Jimmy CrossWord, StarCE, SiChuanCheng, ShangHai, Black&White, mBubble
13 janvier 2002
Nyditot Virtual Display, Slay, Rats, CoverMe
12 janvier 2002
Conquest, Jabber, Virtual Fishtank, IRDAsh, Cadenza, QuickExplorer, AliveCE, System Info, XWord, CEyNews Explorer
11 janvier 2002
mBeam, Trio PhoneManager, PocketSynth Professionnal, CF2Desktop

novembre 2002
Joyeux anniversaire !
Happy birthday !
1 an
1 year
10 Mo de textes rédigés
10 Mb of written texts
150 h de connexion par mois
150 H of connection per month
1500 logiciels testés
1500 software tested
10 000 Mo de fichiers téléchargés
10 000 Mb of downloaded files
110 000 visiteurs sur le site
110 000 visitors one the site

depuis le 25/11/2001,
passionné(e)s se sont connecté(e)s
since november the 25th,
fanatics have visited this website

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